31 October 2011

Apple Core dilemma

There are many different types of quilt on my to-do list, and Apple Core is one of them. I love to use perspex templates for cutting fabric, but my dilemma has always been: what size block to make? Problem solved. I now have this set of templates, so I can make four different sizes!

29 October 2011

More colour palettes from the garden

I took these photos in my garden this morning and I've been having more fun generating colour palettes from their colours.  It's really interesting to see the shades that are selected from my photos.

Blueberry flowers


Duranta and star jasmine

To make these palettes, I've been using Color Palette FX. Very addictive. Have you tried it? I'd love to see your colour palettes!

22 October 2011

Well, that was fun

It was the first meeting of the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild today, held at the pub where one of my other quilt groups meet. This was great for me because I was familiar with the space and only had to worry about talking to strangers. (I'm not good with that - shyness overcomes me!)

So it was lucky that I went along with a friend and we were greeted by a friendly face - Claire, who cheerfully organised all of us for the next few hours. It was lovely to meet new people - after the initial awkwardness, we had a chatfest. 

Show and tell was fun and many photos were taken. I'm guessing they may appear on the blog at some stage. I took my sewing along, but not a stitch was taken! Ah well.

19 October 2011

I love it when

the postie delivers a new book. Speedy delivery from The Book Depository, as usual!

It may be some time until I can read this properly (too much work to do!) but, after a quick flick through, I can say I'm eager to dive in.

18 October 2011

Today in the garden

It's lovely here in Sydney today - sunny, spring weather. So, of course, the garden called to me! I planted three tomato plants, two capsicums, one chili and scattered many, many seeds.

I also took some time to photograph two plants that are in glorious flower. Once I saw the colours through the eye of my camera, I wanted colour palettes straight away. Imagine quilts in these two colour combinations!

I love blue, so this is my favourite combination.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow (Brunfelsia) 

Or perhaps you prefer pink?

Spring cactus (Rhipsalidopsis)

Which is your favourite?

17 October 2011

What do you do

when you already have four projects waiting to be finished? Make Log Cabin blocks for a new quilt, of course!

10 October 2011

It's good to be busy

but I know that some of my friends get concerned if posts don't appear here fairly often. I'm pleased about that because it means they check I haven't dropped off this earth.  We all need someone to ask us if we are ok.

So a week or so has passed since I last posted and that's because my days are filled with working, gardening, sewing, working, looking after three blogs and two facebook pages, reading, talking, working and sleeping! (Notice there's nothing in there about housework. Hmm, better do something about that soon.) 

It's no wonder, then, that the days have flown past. As your reward for reading this post (about nothing, really), I have a photo of one of my salvia plants to show. These plants have formed a large clump in my garden and the flowers have started to open. Gorgeous.