31 October 2011

Apple Core dilemma

There are many different types of quilt on my to-do list, and Apple Core is one of them. I love to use perspex templates for cutting fabric, but my dilemma has always been: what size block to make? Problem solved. I now have this set of templates, so I can make four different sizes!


  1. But now the dilemma is which template will you choose!

  2. one of the quilts currently on my bed - single bed sized that gets used over the top on chilly nights and otherwise just looks decorative folded across the foot of the bed - is a colourwashed version of that pattern that I hand pieced and quilted in 1990. It's a charm quilt and has almost 400 different prints in it. Of course with 20 years of wear and even indirect sunlight through curtains, some fabrics have faded more than others, so the colourwash is not perfect any more, but it's still holding up just fine.
    Enjoy your templates!


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