10 October 2011

It's good to be busy

but I know that some of my friends get concerned if posts don't appear here fairly often. I'm pleased about that because it means they check I haven't dropped off this earth.  We all need someone to ask us if we are ok.

So a week or so has passed since I last posted and that's because my days are filled with working, gardening, sewing, working, looking after three blogs and two facebook pages, reading, talking, working and sleeping! (Notice there's nothing in there about housework. Hmm, better do something about that soon.) 

It's no wonder, then, that the days have flown past. As your reward for reading this post (about nothing, really), I have a photo of one of my salvia plants to show. These plants have formed a large clump in my garden and the flowers have started to open. Gorgeous.


  1. must be the time for gardening pics!
    There'll be plenty of time for housework - it's so over-rated.

  2. Don't you just LOVE salvias, Erica? Apart from the occasional hacking back they survive on neglect and reward us with magnificent blue spikes of flowers. My kind of plant! (Yours is wonderful BTW)


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