11 November 2011

It's all about the garden

Lately, it's all been about gardening for me. It's spring and that means it's a pleasant time to be outside and all my plants are sending out new growth. Soon it will be too hot (we've already had two 35 degree plus days in the past week) and high temperatures take a toll, not only on the plants but on the gardener as well!

There are also fabulous new books being published at this time of year. Indira Naidoo's is my current favourite.

I'm lucky to have my own little patch of earth, but Indira lives in a Sydney apartment that is 13 stories up. Yet, she still has a productive balcony garden! I enjoyed her stories about getting the garden established and how she overcame problems along the way. There are yummy recipes, too.

These small peat pots were on my laundry window sill recently, as I sprouted cucumber and basil seeds in them. My own little nursery! I've since planted out a couple, only to find that snails devoured my babies overnight. They had a brief life, but they were well loved. I was shattered (as are the snails, I must say. Squashed by me.) Oh well, I'll just have to sprout some more seeds and start the miracle of life again.

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