06 November 2011

Spring quilt

See the pretty quilt that's on the cover of the current issue of Down Under Quilts? It is the perfect spring project to start now.

No, it's not my quilt, but it was made by my friend Deborah. I've watched her assemble it by hand piecing over the past few years (she machine pieced the Nine Patch blocks). It's been a slow and rewarding process!

As I look closely at the photographs, I can spot various pieces of purple fabric I contributed from my stash. I love making scrap quilts and it was great to liberate some fabrics from my collection of purple prints. I love to think that they have a place in a friend's quilt.

I think this may be another design I want to make. I'll add it to my very long list! If you want to make it, too, the pattern is in issue 150. The layout of the magazine has been changed to celebrate the 150th issue - what a great milestone for our first Australian patchwork and quilting magazine!

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  1. Thank you for your kind words Erica. For me too it is nice to see fabrics shared by friends.
    I am entering this quilt into the 2012 Sydney quilt show, so many more people can ponder our lovely purple scraps. x dls


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