27 November 2011

Starting at the beginning

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my summer project. Today I dyed fabric for the base layers of my Travellers' Blanket.

I will be working through some ideas about growth and, in particular, growth in my garden. I wanted my middle layer - the flannelette layer that acts as a soft, drapey batting - to be a yellow-green shade to represent the colour of leaves. This is it, straight from drying and not yet ironed. It took the dye beautifully.

For my top layer, I chose cotton scrim because I wanted the green to show through. I dyed the top layer of scrim and the cotton backing turquoise, to represent the blue of the sky. This is the top (also not yet ironed), overlaying the middle layer. 

In each of the squarish shapes I'll applique, stitch and embellish. It will take a summer full of stitches, or perhaps even a few seasons to grow.

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  1. I did the classes on the travel blanket with Dijanne at Geelong. She is so inspirational and her Sentinelles work for her work to be exhibited in Prague is glorious.
    Your colours look gorgeous. I am really enjoying doing the embroidery work. Jeann


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