13 November 2011


For me, it will be a summer of staying cool indoors and hand stitching. I've enrolled in this fantastic online course - Travellers' Blanket with Dijanne Cevaal. It will a slow journey, using soft fabrics in glorious colours, all joined and embellished with hand stitching. Can't think of a better way to create a meaningful piece of textile art. 

It starts next week (19 November) if you want to play, too.


  1. The link doesn't seem to work but I found it after googling it.

    Looks like a great quilt to make! I am looking forward to seeing it and hope you have lots of fun.

  2. Thanks for the tip - the link works fine now. :-)

  3. What a great project - have asked if she wants to come to Deloraine, Tasmania to do a workshop!!


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