30 December 2011


You won't get one of those blog posts about what I've achieved (or not achieved) in 2011 from me. I prefer to look forward rather than back and listing what happened in the past year is of no use to my way of living.

Instead, I'd rather continue to enjoy life and savour the simple things. I'm easily pleased - by friends and family, by cheerful things (such as this shiny new set of drawers for my sewing room), by stories that take me into other people's lives, by pottering in my garden, by sewing by hand and by going to see the Swans.

If there's one thing that I'm trying to apply more, it's to be gentle on myself. (For someone who likes to control events as much as I do, that's a challenge!) At least I can try. Onwards!

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  1. Anonymous6:04 pm


    Happy New Year! May your threads never tangle!

    I can't be bothered looking back over the year ... don't mind looking back when time permits, but there is too much to look forward to at this time of the year with the new year just about to start.

    Hope it is a great one for you.

    Judy B


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