11 January 2012

Bedford Mystery Quilt 2012

The mystery is back! In 2010, I purchased a Bedford Mystery Quilt Challenge kit to help raise funds for people with disability or disadvantage across South Australia (as well as having a bit of mystery sewing fun along the way!). I've just been advised that the 2012 kits will be available late February, so you may like to get involved.

What is the mystery quilt challenge?
In 2008, two quilters, Lessa Siegele and Faye Packham, decided to make a difference to the lives of people with disability or disadvantage. The inaugural Mystery Quilt Challenge saw over 300 people from all over Australia attend workshops or buy DIY kits where they followed instructions to produce a beautiful quilt with no idea what it would look like until the last stitch was sewn.

The event was a huge success raising over $16,000 and was held again in 2010 with numbers doubling to over 600 people participating in the challenge. To date, over $56,000 has been raised to change the lives of people with disability or disadvantage.

If you'd like to order a kit, the order form is here. Kits will be posted out by the organisers (who also have a blog) late February. I wonder what the quilt design will be this time?

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