19 February 2012

Hand piecing

Those of you who visit here regularly know of my love of hand piecing and quilting. I would prefer to hand stitch everything I make. This means that it is a slow process and that's part of the reason I love it.

I make stuff because I enjoy it. I never claim to be an artist. It worries me that making quilts has become so commercialised, with consumers rushing to buy new fabric lines just because they are the latest thing or being persuaded to buy strangely-shaped rulers that allow you to cut shapes that you can easily cut with normal rulers or templates, if you only knew how.

That's why I felt relief when I discovered Serena Potter's blog, Evan Wren Quilting, today. The joy of accidentally coming across someone else who honours the hand stitch is one of the reasons I value the internet so much. It's worth hopping over there for a peek.

PS The block shown here is Lady of the Lake. I am hand piecing a queen-sized scrap quilt made of these blocks and have only one row to go. Such pleasure.


  1. I'm trying to think if I ever bought a new fabric line. I did use a fairly new panel to make a purse, but most of my stash comes from the remnants, basics, hand dyes. I love the hand piecing and machine piecing and quilting in almost equal measure. I probably wouldn't be likely to hand piece an entire Queen top though--I'd get antsy. A few of mine are actually both hand and machine--sort of depends where you feel like working at the time ;-)

  2. Anonymous5:40 am

    Well we're just sisters of the cloth. Let me tell you! ;)

    Locally it's just about dead, which you wouldn't think given where we are, but even my mom's former guild friends all moved on to the machine.

    We ran into a couple of older ladies in their late seventies at the fair last year and they said their guild, in a little area known as Erwin, TN. Still works all by hand.

    I'm so happy to have found you too.

    I love the Lady of the Lake pattern and dream of doing it one day as well as Pickle Dish << This is one of my bucket list quilts.

    Thank you for the link and the post. I added you to my sidebar. Apologies for being slow my son (2) has a stomach flu going on.

  3. I'm starting the Farmer's Wife quilt. I've had a couple of false starts...first block was 1/4 inch short and the second I put it in a safe place, then lost it for a week! lol It was when I was having a break from looking for the offending block when I hopped over from Sarah's blog to yours. It must have been fate! I had one of those light bulb moments when I read about you hand piecing your Lady of the Lake. I'm enjoying piecing hexies for a table topper and thought why not hand piece the FW? Thank you for your inspiration, Erica....and the link to Serena's blog, too.


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