01 February 2012

My quilt at Houston

Remember I had a quilt in the Textured Treasures exhibition at Houston last year? Here's Bonnie McCaffery with her video interview of Lisa Walton, who curated the exhibition. Don't blink, or you might miss my quilt! (Do enjoy seeing all the quilts and have a bonus beading lesson!)


  1. Great video! Loved your quilt too.
    Lisa's work is beautiful.

  2. Don't you love seeing your quilt online--all glowing and luminous? It is so exciting that you a) had a quilt at teh Houston show and b) that your experience lives on in this video!

  3. How exciting was it to watch the video? Even though I saw them "in situ" it was amzing to see them recorded! I loved your quilt - I got a huge shock when it wasn't blue!


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