29 March 2012

If you are in Sydney

you may like to visit this quilt show.

I knew Kay many, many years ago at high school. In one of life's twists and turns, we both became quilters. We reconnected a few years ago at a quilt show and found a lot to talk about. Kay died last year.

Her quilts are beautiful and this exhibition will be a lovely, yet very sad, celebration of her skills.

25 March 2012


Since I started rearranging the stuff in my sewing room, I've decided I may as well paint the walls before I have everything in its final place. Of course, this means there's no sewing going on here since everything is in piles throughout the room.

Instead, I am deciding what colour to paint the walls. I went to a paint shop on Friday and chose a soft shade - a pinkish/apricotish shade. I asked to buy a sample pot and it was only then that I saw the name Dulux has given to the colour - Quilt. You can see it here. Can you believe that I chose a colour called Quilt? They also make a colour called Quilted Calico - you can see it here.

After painting a few coats on parts of the wall, I've decided against Quilt. Back to the paint shop.

18 March 2012


I've been thinking a lot about influence this week. How we are influenced by people we know and those we don't; how we allow ourselves to go along with something even though we know inside that it's not right for us; and how we influence other people even without realising it. It's an onerous responsibility.

Yesterday, it all came to a peak when I heard that Margaret Whitlam had died. I was a little teary and I've been trying to think through why this is so.

I have admired and respected Margaret Whitlam since she was thrust into the media's focus when her husband became our Prime Minister in 1972. I was a teenager then and I was sorting out how to become a woman. Looking for role models, I guess.

I think it's difficult for women from later times to understand the impact of 1970s if they don't place events in the historical context of the changes that occurred during that decade. How absurd it seems to call my teenage years 'historic', yet that's what they are. The 1970s are 40 plus years ago. How old does that make me feel?

Margaret Whitlam was her own woman.You can read about her life here and here if you don't know about her. A remarkable woman who showed me how it was possible to be intelligent, forthright and relate to all sorts of people.

I never met her. I wish I had - I think we may have had interesting conversations. But I didn't need to meet her to be influenced by her. That's why I am saddened by the thought that she is with us no longer. I shall miss you, Margaret - one of Australia's national treasures.

17 March 2012


Another gloomy day with rain and storms. The garden, however, offers bright spots to lift my spirits. Flowers snipped and brought inside to enhance the elegance of a glass vase - instant cheeriness.

11 March 2012

My home

I snapped up a few metres of this fabulous linen from Spotlight today. The fabric is printed with drawings of some Sydney icons - my home! I can see this fabric being sparingly used in so many future projects. Love it!

I'm just like

a kid with a new paintbox! Lots of lovely liquid fun ahead.

08 March 2012

Let's be thankful

It's International Women's Day. We rock!

Detail of my Goddess Roseus quilt. Foil and hand stitching on silk paper.

06 March 2012


It all started when I wanted to buy a new desk. My friend Sue and I went to IKEA. Nearly five hours later, we exited with a couple of trollies full of things. I bought this - Vika Amon/Vika Curry.

It didn't fit in my car. Just as well it fitted into Sue's. 

Got it home and looked at it for a few days before deciding it didn't fit in the space I had allocated to it. Moved it to the sewing room, where it will fit nicely, once I reorganise the room and remove another table.

Back to IKEA, where I bought this - Vika Amon/Vika Alex. The drawers weighed 61kg, so some creative sliding of the package was required. Very happy because the desk fits nicely and all my messy things are stored in the drawers.

But the table I was previously using as a desk is now going to be the cutting table in the sewing room. So the bench I have been using as a cutting table has to move to the dining room. So the side table that was in the dining room has to go - somewhere?

Now I'm thinking another Vika Amon table would extend my corner desk in the sewing room to a useful size. The bookshelf would have to move, along with the sewing machine table....

I love the clean look of white so I know that after I eventually finish I will be very pleased that I started rearranging. However, it may take some time!