04 April 2012

Sari ribbon

Look what arrived today! Absolutely gorgeous sari ribbon (Pretty in Pastel colourway)
 from Dale at The Thread Studio. I didn't really know what to expect - here is my hank.
 All hand-dyed, so there are subtle colour variations.

Here's a closeup shot of one end, where you can better see the variations and the embroidery.

I couldn't wait to unravel it, so as soon as I did, I took this closeup shot of some of the strips. See that tiny blue jewel? My strips have several of these - aren't I lucky?

I was planning to knit all the strips but now that I've seen them, I will set a few aside for a different project as well. Thanks Dale - fun times ahead!

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  1. look forward to seeing what you do Erica - they are little gems whenyou open them up


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