12 April 2012

Sewing room reorganisation

Slowly and thoroughly, I am purging my sewing room of all the rubbish that has accumulated there over the past 12 years. It's a long, skinny room and it had become way too easy to dump stuff there. Do you have a room like that, too?

It's not finished yet but I am starting to see the bones of a more functional room. It will also be one in which I will enjoy more time.

So. Imagine you have walked through the door and start looking anticlockwise. This is the sewing end. Imagine the entry door that is next to the bookcase. Existing bookcase, new tables (I love them), existing sewing table (SewEzi - brilliant), colourful drawers for my sewing tools, bobbins, machine feet and scissors etc. Just ignore the vacuum cleaner.

You can see the wall under the window is partially painted. The new colour is a lovely light buttery yellow. I love it. More painting to come. 

Next to the colourful drawers are two tall existing bookcases. To paint that wall, I will have to remove all the books and move the bookcases. Not sure I'm feeling motivated to do that, to tell the truth. Maybe that can be my last step.

Next to the bookcases and under the second window is my cutting table. Hooray - I now have a standing-up height cutting table! This used to be the table I used as a desk but, since its legs are adjustable, I decided to use it for this purpose.

This is the opposite end of the room to the sewing room. It has the existing design wall and ironing board. I like to get up from the machine and walk to press pieces because it makes me move.

You'll just have to imagine the other wall (the one facing the windows. It has a filing cabinet, four sets of drawers on castors and two large cupboards full of fabric. Trust me, you're not going to see that!

There's still a lot of sorting and organising (and painting!) to be done but I'm happy that I can actually use the space right now. Excuse me now, I feel the urge to go back there.


  1. Erica - looking good! I love the sound of that paint - I had a buttery yellow in my Canberra house - it changed with the changing light and I loved the warmth of it. Your space looks really really nice. My next big purchase is going to be a Sew Ezi!! Lucky you!!

  2. How good to have a great working area. It looks well set up Erica.

  3. Looking good! Light and airy but still warm.

  4. Oh, now I have a sense of scale on your tumbler blocks. Here I'd been thinking they were quite little. Much more relaxing sewing bigger ones (says she who is working on a minature sort ofproject currently).


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