31 May 2012

Denyse Schmidt's new book

I wanted this book as soon as I first heard about it.

I bought it because I have admired Denyse Schmidt's quilts for years. Her style has roots in the traditional; something that's been overlooked recently in the rush to place labels on her style.

I didn't buy it for the patterns. I don't make quilts from other people's patterns anymore; I'm content to create my own designs. But I wanted to study her quilts and to read her stories about their design. What inspired her, what she saw as she studied antique quilts and how she turned those observations into her own contemporary designs.

Physically, it's a beautiful book. Lovely paper, detail photography and a solid cover. It's a book to be pored over, to be cherished. I just hope that people read Denyse's words and reflect on them. There's much to be learned within. 

27 May 2012

Sometimes you just have to look

It's too easy to let the days pass by without noticing the small changes around us.
From my garden...

From the florist...Dutch Iris, partially hiding my footy garden gnome. He lives inside because he likes to watch the games on TV with me.

23 May 2012

Reflections on: life cycles

As a gardener, I'm always aware of the cycle of life. There's something reassuring about it - plant a seed, nurture it and watch it grow, flower and seed. The cycle starts all over again. 

It teaches patience and about the fragility of life.Of course, this applies to us, too.

I've been reflecting on this since I have a new neighbour at the football. You may remember that I wrote a couple of years ago about the death of Wally, who occupied the seat next to me at all our home games for eight years until he died at the end of the season in 2010. He made our lives richer and I've often thought what he would have said about the games we have attended since. I still think of him every time I enter our section of the SCG.

All the seats in our section are reserved, so we have become familiar with the other members of our red-and-white tribe who sit around us every game. The family that sits on Wally's other side expanded their numbers last year to include his seat as well as their regular ones. Occasionally, we all reminisce.

This season, we are delighted to welcome a new neighbour. Jackie's baby, born in January, arrived at our first home game in April, dressed from head to toe in red and white. He dealt with the noise and seemed captivated by all the movement around him. He's been to his second game since.
As the baby sat on my lap for part of the game, I thought of Wally and how he would have loved this. The cycle of life continues.

14 May 2012

Now embellished

The local area covered by our library service was named after Ryde on the Isle of Wight in the UK. As part of a gift exchange with the Isle of Wight Library Service, we were asked to embellish supplied felted squares and return them. They will be joined with other felted pieces to become a textile work that will hang in the library there.

I embellished this piece with silver netting and hot pink stitching. The silver doesn't photograph well, but I chose it to reflect the silver slivers of Angelina fibre that make up the background. There are a few pink shreds as well.

For the multi-coloured piece, I chose to stitch the outlines of two people, joined by their hands. This symbolises the relationship of our two libraries.

I'm eagerly anticipating how all the felted sections will look once joined. I'll post about it once we receive a photo.

10 May 2012

Embellishment time

I've been given these two felted pieces to embellish, as part of a project my library's involved in. I can add anything I want to the felt. Quite different styles, wouldn't you agree?

The first one one is actually quite bright (this photo doesn't show the colours accurately) and is calling out for black stitching, I think.

The second one is mostly blue, with silvery Angelina fibres included in it. Not sure what to do with this yet. Any suggestions?

I need to move quickly on these, because they have to be back to the Isle of Wight by the end of May. This weekend's task, I think.

09 May 2012

Technology, sigh


I've removed the Facebook badge from this blog since it leads to a dead end. I wonder how long that's been happening? Tried to replace it with a new one, but that didn't lead anywhere either and I can't find a solution.

So if you want to join me on FB, you'll need to email me. Go on, you know you want to.

07 May 2012

It's OK to be yourself

I love the way the internet allows us to communicate with people we would otherwise probably never come across. I love the way we can find people who share our specialised interests. I love the way current technology allows us to stay in touch on the go through blogs, websites, Twitter and Facebook.

But I don't like the way we keep comparing ourselves
to the public faces of other people.

We are all complex beings. I always think of each individual as having layers. We reveal certain layers of ourselves in particular situations, depending on how much trust there is. 

It's the same on the internet. Don't fall for the forever chirpy blog posts, nor feel inadequate because you don't have the same creative output/gorgeous body/happy relationships/amount of money that you read other people have. They're not showing you all their layers.

It's OK to be yourself. It's OK to take your own path in life.

We are all different. We all have self doubts and anxieties. That's part of being human. Just don't let internet glimpses of other people's lives fuel these feelings.

Celebrate the fact that you are you. Celebrate your uniqueness.

It's OK to be yourself.

03 May 2012


Hello to everyone who's visiting after reading about my blog on Craft Corners. You are welcome to click around and see what I've been up to!

I love to stitch and this picture shows a small sample of quilts I have made. If you like the look of the top left-hand corner quilt, there are free instructions for making it here. It's called Sunshine on Roses and features bright pink and yellow fabrics (though you can use your favourite colours instead. 

So, enjoy and say hello by leaving a comment. It's been lovely seeing you!