31 May 2012

Denyse Schmidt's new book

I wanted this book as soon as I first heard about it.

I bought it because I have admired Denyse Schmidt's quilts for years. Her style has roots in the traditional; something that's been overlooked recently in the rush to place labels on her style.

I didn't buy it for the patterns. I don't make quilts from other people's patterns anymore; I'm content to create my own designs. But I wanted to study her quilts and to read her stories about their design. What inspired her, what she saw as she studied antique quilts and how she turned those observations into her own contemporary designs.

Physically, it's a beautiful book. Lovely paper, detail photography and a solid cover. It's a book to be pored over, to be cherished. I just hope that people read Denyse's words and reflect on them. There's much to be learned within. 

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