14 May 2012

Now embellished

The local area covered by our library service was named after Ryde on the Isle of Wight in the UK. As part of a gift exchange with the Isle of Wight Library Service, we were asked to embellish supplied felted squares and return them. They will be joined with other felted pieces to become a textile work that will hang in the library there.

I embellished this piece with silver netting and hot pink stitching. The silver doesn't photograph well, but I chose it to reflect the silver slivers of Angelina fibre that make up the background. There are a few pink shreds as well.

For the multi-coloured piece, I chose to stitch the outlines of two people, joined by their hands. This symbolises the relationship of our two libraries.

I'm eagerly anticipating how all the felted sections will look once joined. I'll post about it once we receive a photo.


  1. Lovely Erica, the colour is much nicer in these pictures too !erzsit

  2. Wouldn't you love to go to the Isle and see these hanging.
    Maybe you'll get an invite!


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