25 June 2012

Blanket progress

I have wanted to learn to crochet for a long time. My maternal grandmother was a skilled crocheter and every new baby that was born into our large family received a crocheted layette to start them off in life.

I lived through the crochet phase of the 1970s, when crocheted string bikinis and shopping bags were most fashionable.

Somehow, though, I managed to grow into an adult without learning any of these skills.

Several years ago I took a beginners' class, but came away without having managed to hook anything except this. I was discouraged, but still wanted to learn.

Now I am well on the way; trebling my way to a colourful stripey blanket. I'm in the groove with this stitch and hooking it is a pleasure. (Remember, I am only doing trebles at present - there are more challenges ahead!) I'm so happy with my progress so far.

21 June 2012

Thursday pleasures

Orange and almond cake. Perfect for a gloomy day.

Liberty deliciousness. All mine for future stitching pleasure.

20 June 2012

Erica learns to crochet

I have wanted to learn to crochet for ages, so when the opportunity for a lesson from a friend presented itself, I jumped! Armed with my shiny new set of Boye hooks and a ball of yarn, I was ready for the challenge.

Aren't they gorgeous? Looking more like a set of medical instruments than creative tools, they are snuggled safely in their hot pink case. (No, there was not a blue option!)

So. This is the result of my labour. A little wonky in the centre, but getting better with each round. I'm not convinced I want to make granny squares, though. I have my eye on a simple striped blanket, like the one here. We'll see...

Thanks for the lesson, Ruth

19 June 2012

Sydney Quilt Show 2012

The annual members' show of The Quilters' Guild of NSW was held at Darling Harbour last week, in conjunction with the Craft & Quilt Fair. I spent two full days there, looking at the quilts, buying a few bits and pieces, and talking. Mostly, I talked.

One of the things I enjoy most about this show is the once-a-year opportunity to catch up with friends I've made in the quilting world. Here are some of them, who relaxed with a meal in Chinatown on the first night of the show. Left to right: Sue Dennis, Fiona Hammond, Stephanie Knudsen, Brenda Gael Smith, me, Chrissy Sheed and Lisa Walton. Lovely.

If you'd like to see photos of the prize-winning quilts, go here. Don't forget to click on the tabs at the top to see all categories.

09 June 2012

Winter snapshots

Fat cymbidium flower spike.

Clear blue sky.

Blood oranges from the potted tree.

05 June 2012


Since the beginning of the Twelve by Twelve International Art Quilt Challenge, I have been fortunate to have secret peeks of each of Brenda Gael Smith's quilts while she was designing and creating them. Since she couldn't discuss them with any of the others in the group before the reveal dates, I have been privileged to see the works in progress.

Last week, Brenda gave me this very special 6inch x 6inch quilt, based on her quilt made for the Illumination theme. An unexpected gift that was received with pleasure. Thank you Brenda.