20 June 2012

Erica learns to crochet

I have wanted to learn to crochet for ages, so when the opportunity for a lesson from a friend presented itself, I jumped! Armed with my shiny new set of Boye hooks and a ball of yarn, I was ready for the challenge.

Aren't they gorgeous? Looking more like a set of medical instruments than creative tools, they are snuggled safely in their hot pink case. (No, there was not a blue option!)

So. This is the result of my labour. A little wonky in the centre, but getting better with each round. I'm not convinced I want to make granny squares, though. I have my eye on a simple striped blanket, like the one here. We'll see...

Thanks for the lesson, Ruth

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  1. Well done Erica . . once you've learnt . . . it'll be like riding a bike . . you never forget!


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