17 July 2012

I wish I could say I made this

but I didn't. Lisa Walton and I visited Anne van der Kley today for some textile stimulation and this is one of her creations that took my breath away.

Here are a couple of detail shots - aren't they stunning?

You really should hop over to her website to see more.
Anne creates amazing things with her overlocker, but she's also a great cook.

We enjoyed this magnificent cassata cake with pomegranate and nuts
and ricotta and cranberries. Not a lot left, is there? :-)

So that's my day - how was yours?

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  1. Hi! Erica,

    Thanks so much for this entry. I had not heard of Anne Van der Kley, I found her work quite beautiful. I have saved it to my favourites and will look in now and then.


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