22 August 2012

Greater Western Sydney Modern Quilt Guild

Modern Quilt Guilds are springing up all over the place. Last Monday I went to the first meeting of the GWSMQG, to check out whether this might be a group for me.

I'm not a natural joiner of groups. I prefer to do most of my sewing alone because it allows me to focus on what I am doing. I just make stuff and enjoy the process. I don't need external validation of what I do.

However, getting out and chatting with other quilters can often be fun so, after confirming that a couple of friends would be there, I set off to the meeting.

It was a great night! It was fun to be in a room with so much positive energy. There were 22 quilters there - some with lots of quilt making experience and some with little, but it didn't matter. A good time was had by all.

If you live in Sydney, you should come, too! GWSMQG has a blog here, a Twitter page here and a Facebook page here. The first Sunday Sew Along will be on 9 September so, after you RSVP, grab your sewing and come along.

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