27 August 2012


I'm excited. August is nearly over and spring is officially starting at the end of this week. We've had a taste of warmer weather in Sydney and the plants in my garden are starting to wake from their winter slumber.

The National Year of Reading theme for September is GROW, so in honour of that and the approaching season, I'm sharing my fave gardening books with you.They are all written by Australians.

Shirley Stackhouse's My Gardening Year is a classic. I have the old edition, but this is the cover of the updated edition, with two of my favourite flowers on the cover. Love aqueligias and nigellas! The book is arranged month-by-month, with lists of what to plant and what is in flower or fruit, as well as suggestions for tasks to be carried out in each month. Invaluable.

The Ross family is my fave gardening family. Such a wealth of information that has been passed on! I used to love watching husband and wife Sandra and Graham Ross when they had a TV gardening show. Their daughter Linda has joined them in the garden writing field. From the Ground Up is a wonderful local guide - the subtitle says it all.

Meredith Kirton is another wonderful garden writer. Her Harvest: a complete guide to the edible garden is a thorough guide to starting and maintaining a vegetable gardening. Meredith's other books, Dig, An Hour in the Garden and Plot are equally useful and enjoyable.

Totally drool-worthy is Kitchen Gardens of Australia by Kate Herd. This is a book that shows how gorgeous vegetable, fruit and herb gardens can be. I lost myself in this one for days! Photography has captured these gardens at their very best.

Now, this book is for dreaming. Graham, Sandra and Linda Ross are back again to show us some of the most inspirational gardens they have seen. If you love the way a beautifully-designed and maintained garden can soothe, this is the book for you.

I've read many other great gardening books and probably don't know about many more. Tell me about the ones you love so we can all GROW together!

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  1. Hi Erica,
    I have recently bought for $19.95from the post office and it is a hardback, The New Organic Gardener by Tim Marshall and I am dipping into it when I settle with a cuppa. A lot on organics obviously, climate change and its effects, a good section on potting soils as you now I love my pooted garden, companion planting etc.


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