11 August 2012

Spring is coming

On this cold, bleak day in Sydney there are still signs - both negative and positive - that spring is not too far away. The negative - our annual August winds have arrived on cue. August is often the coldest month of the year here and the westerly winds bring chill straight off snow in the Blue Mountains.

I spent an hour picking up debris from the trees that had dropped branches in the garden. I'm sure my snowpeas weren't happy at being horizontal instead of upright! I'll leave them on the ground until the winds ease tomorrow.

The positive - my hyacinth bulb has sprouted roots that are reaching into the water of this bulb vase. Look at that healthy growth coming out of the top!

I love growing hyacinths this way. At every step of the way, the magic of growth is visible. I am nurturing two bulbs this year and am anticipating the glorious flowers and perfume that they will discharge.

Thankful to savour each day and the changes that I observe. 

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