26 September 2012


Spring hooky fever! Balls of gorgeous Poems wool 
are being combined into a rainbow striped blanket.

Starting with this

and turning it into this.

25 September 2012


Started yesterday with the gift of chocolate brownies from a friend - yum! Followed by visits to three quilt stores, a Thai lunch to energise ourselves and some sale bargains in other shops. A lovely way to spend a day with a friend.


17 September 2012

Latest ATC swap

I haven't made ATCs for a few years. After feverishly making and swapping, my collection grew to be large and I found my attention diverted to other projects. That's what happens with me - there's always something interesting to make me change direction.

Still, when Jane proposed an ATC swap on Facebook, I signed up straight away. These are the ATCs I received last week. Lovely!

Top: Handspun and crocheted by Marlene Answer-Lewis.

Middle row: Summer by Sally Westcott (left), Feather Me by Kim Bradley (right).

Bottom row: Mars by Andrea Carew (left), Ocean Tracks by Jane Monk (right).

15 September 2012

Poppy power

Today's poppies.
 I can't feel down about anything with these glorious colours around me.

13 September 2012

Two sides of spring

Outside, in the garden, exuberant colour has exploded. Pink rock orchid in flower.

Inside, in the sewing room, gentle hand applique is growing.

04 September 2012

Liberty love

Like many other quilters, I have long had a love of Liberty of London Tana lawn. The softness of the cotton and the beautiful prints are irresistible. However, local prices are not. Paying $52+ per metre is just not going to happen for me (nor do I think the fabric is worth that much).

Luckily, I've discovered a source where I can buy Liberty of London Tana lawn for less than half my local price. A friend and I placed a joint order on 20 August, split the cost of the postage and the parcel arrived ten days later. These are the four prints I bought - a total of 2.5 metres + postage for $67. Now I can happily continue to add to my Liberty collection at prices I'm prepared to pay. Deciding what to stitch with them will be a harder decision!

The website is Shaukat and Company in London. There is a minimum 1 metre cut, which is why it is good to place an order with a friend (if you can agree on the prints!).