04 September 2012

Liberty love

Like many other quilters, I have long had a love of Liberty of London Tana lawn. The softness of the cotton and the beautiful prints are irresistible. However, local prices are not. Paying $52+ per metre is just not going to happen for me (nor do I think the fabric is worth that much).

Luckily, I've discovered a source where I can buy Liberty of London Tana lawn for less than half my local price. A friend and I placed a joint order on 20 August, split the cost of the postage and the parcel arrived ten days later. These are the four prints I bought - a total of 2.5 metres + postage for $67. Now I can happily continue to add to my Liberty collection at prices I'm prepared to pay. Deciding what to stitch with them will be a harder decision!

The website is Shaukat and Company in London. There is a minimum 1 metre cut, which is why it is good to place an order with a friend (if you can agree on the prints!). 

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  1. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Gorgeous fabrics! A great find! I was there in June and tracked down this shop. My head was spinning when I left, it had rooms and rooms of Liberty fabric from floor to ceiling....at amazing prices! Good to hear their online ordering is pretty efficient!


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