29 November 2012

Silk shibori

Look at these stunning pieces of silk shibori! 
Can you imagine tying all those patterns into the cloth?

I love that the pattern in this piece is not completely regular. There is a repeated pattern, but the number of circles in each shape is slightly different.

This piece is even more interesting.
To keep a stylised pattern constant over a large area is such a challenge!

Aren't I lucky to have friends who bring me gifts from their travels? 
Thanks Deborah (who is back from a quilters' tour of Japan)!

19 November 2012

Artichoke in bloom

This is how it starts.

This is how it develops.

This is full glory.

Who wouldn't want to grow artichokes just for the flowers
when they look as stunning as this?

13 November 2012

The pleasure of finishing

There's great satisfaction to be had when finishing a quilt. Stitching that last section of binding becomes an act to savour, especially when it's made of delicious striped fabric like this (part of the DS Quilts range for Spotlight).

This is Sea Glass, a simple quilt I have made for my own bed. Instructions to make it will be published next year, so a photo of the whole quilt will have to stay a secret until then!

10 November 2012

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