07 December 2012

Gwen Marston in Australia!

In 2009, I posted this about Gwen Marston. I started by saying:

"I first read about Gwen Marston's quilts back in the mid 1990s, through a series of articles she wrote in Lady's Circle Patchwork Quilts. Actually, it was two series - one called 'Quilting it Your Way' and the other called 'Folk Art Applique'. Both were equally interesting to me."

Over the years, I have avidly collected Gwen's books and followed everything about her quilts. I longed to take a class with her.

Now she's coming to teach in Australia in 2013!

Of course, I will be there and you can, too.

Gwen will be teaching at the following quilt stores:

103A Gardenvale Road
Gardenvale Victoria

Phone: 03 9596 7225

29 David Street
Toowoomba Queensland
Phone: 07 4633 4748

Building 4, Quattro Corporate
4 Daydream Street
Warriewood NSW
Phone: 02 9997 4661

75 Nelson Street
Annandale, NSW
Phone: 02 9550 4947

 And as if that wouldn't be enough, Gwen will also be presenting a lecture
in Sydney in the evening of 11 July,
 sponsored by The Cottage Quiltworks and Quiltsmith.

Don't miss this opportunity to take a class with Gwen - contact one of the shops for class details. Gwen's never been to Australia before and I'm hyperventilating with excitement here!


  1. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Great fun ..... it seems Gwen is not going to Sisters this year.... lots of new things for her in the year to come.

  2. I've taaken a class with her here in Michigan and it was big fun and I love the resulting project (which she really allows to be your own). Also enjoyed the exhibit of her work at the AQS Show here in Grand Rapids last August. I think my Sydney friends will get a kick out of her.

  3. I've already booked at Cottage Quiltworks.
    Thanks for the info - can't wait!

  4. Thanks for the heads up, I will post about this at the melbourne. MQG.
    I'm taking the Weeks Ringle class to, but I havent done my homework. Story of my life lol.
    I'm sewshells there.

  5. Thanks for the heads up. I will call amiitie when they reopen.I'm doing Weeks Ringle class too.
    We need to get her out here next!!!


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