04 December 2012

Just awesome

I am so lucky to have friends who think of me while they are travelling, and bring me gifts from their adventures. Just look at the stunning cover of this calendar from Japan.

Lisa visited the Itchiku Kubota Art Museum in Japan, where she was totally blown away by the textiles she saw. Looking at the cover of this calendar she bought me, I can certainly see why. Thanks Lisa! Maybe I'll see them myself one day.

This is the website of the museum. This is a link to a pdf (in English) about the museum. If you want more of a visual treat, do a Google image search on "Itchiku Kubota" - the images you will see are so intricate that you'll be entranced for hours.

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  1. What a beautiful Calender Erica, as you say you are so lucky to have such a good friend.


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