26 January 2013

Australia Day 2013

Every single day of my life I am thankful
that I am Australian.

I can trace one line of my family history back to a First Fleet convict - one of those unwanted citizens that England sent halfway around the world in 1788 to an uncertain future. Other family lines I've traced to different countries. I'm made from a mingling of these histories - a mix of various bloodlines over the centuries, just like most Australians.

I cried when I saw a flying kangaroo at the Boeing factory near Seattle. I cried when I heard an Australian accent in Vancouver. I cried when I saw Australia House in London. I travel, but it's Australia where I always long to be.

Australia is my land, my country, my people. 
It is in my heart and my head. 
I am part of it and it is part of me.

 Happy Australia Day.

22 January 2013

My latest column

Have you read my latest column yet? It's all about change - it will happen whether we are ready for it or not.
Don't know where it is? Snap up a copy of the current issue of Down Under Quilts - you'll find me there in every issue!

13 January 2013

Bloomsbury tulips

Remember the tulips I made last week?

Progress has been made and now my block looks like this.


Yay for hand piecing! Made with these templates.

06 January 2013


I am stitching four-patch blocks. Yes, I am hand piecing them. Just because I want to.