26 February 2013

Sea Glass pattern published

Hooray! Instructions for my Sea Glass quilt are in the current issue of Down Under Quilts magazine.

If you are looking for a simple one-patch quilt that features tumbler shapes, this is the pattern for you. I made my quilt for a queen-size bed (it measures 239cm x 229cm) but you could easily adapt the number of tumblers and rows to make a smaller quilt, if you prefer.

I chose to make this a low-contrast quilt because the colours are so soothing and restful - makes it easy to drop off to sleep! I've been sleeping under it very comfortably the past week - lovely.

I couldn't possibly quilt something this size, so the lovely Kim Bradley quilted an all-over Raindrops pattern on it. I finished it with my current fave of the moment - a striped binding.

Issue 156 of Down Under Quilts magazine
is on sale now. 


17 February 2013

In my garden today: garlic chives

Garlic chives, with those long, flat, slightly garlicky leaves, have burst into flower.
They are treasures in my garden.

14 February 2013

Making silk paper

Have you ever made silk paper? Ooh, it's so much fun.

Go on, try it. I've written a tutorial for you here!

I'd love to hear if you have fun with the silk paper you make
so please leave a comment.

11 February 2013


The pleasure of hand piecing is that it is slow. As far as showing progress on quilts, this slowness may make you think I'm not actually making anything. Not true!

I have six hand stitching projects in progress and, since I only have a single pair of hands, all that stitching takes time. Bliss.

This is my current favourite block. Loving it!



03 February 2013

On the pond

Talented friend Sarah Fielke has just released a new range of fabric, exclusive to Spotlight stores in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

I have been able to follow Sarah through her design process for these fabrics so I'm thrilled to see them available for purchase.

The ones I bought are beautifully folded in fat quarters. Lovely.

I am very pleased with the 'hand' of these fabrics. It is substantial but not coarse - just the way I like fabric for piecing projects.

Of course, once I had washed and ironed them, I started cutting and laying out pieces on my design wall. This is a traditional block I've been wanting to make for years. Loving this already!

So, where can you buy them? If you are in Australia, New Zealand or Singapore, go to Spotlight. If you live anywhere else, you can purchase from Sarah's online shop.

Sarah is also providing free instructions for an On the Pond BOM. You can see details about this here.