31 March 2013

Playing with paint day

Sunday, sunshine and playing with paint.

Oh, and let's not forget those chocolate eggs...

30 March 2013

29 March 2013

Big Hearted Business

Have you seen this great initiative from Clare Bowditch?

Big Hearted Business is:
"...a practical, creative response to the sometimes-overwhelming possibilities of our times.

As part of a new-guard of micro-business educators, B.H.B. exists to teach brilliant, creative people how to build strong, successful, caring businesses, without compromising their integrity, their health, or their happiness."

Want to learn more? Hop over To B.H.B. now! It's fabulous.

27 March 2013

On Textile Tidings this week

Some of the links I shared on my Textile Tidings Facebook page this week:

Interview with and fantastic photos of Nicole Burton and her nuno felts.

Want to monoprint layers with a Gelli Printing Plate? This video shows how.

How to use old CDs as bases for weaving.

Beautiful felted brooches by Gill Pinkney available in her Etsy shop. 

Fascinating interactive project in Toronto, Canada that shows key textile facts about the city. I can only imagine how much research was involved in this project - wow!

If you haven't yet seen the Love Lace exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney NSW, you still have time. It's on until 21 July 2013 and it is AWESOME! 

If you like these, there are plenty more at Textile Tidings. See you over there? 

24 March 2013


I am longing for cooler autumn weather to arrive. Today's temperature is over 30 degrees again and it's just so wearing.

I made this small textile piece, Mountain Mists, a couple of years ago after thinking of mists in the wonderful private gardens of the NSW Blue Mountains during the autumn months. These mists dilute the light and wrap a soft cloak of moisture around the trees and their fallen leaves.

Mountain Mists was made from torn strips of chiffon to depict theses mists. Three shades were used and were interwoven with other textiles to create shadows. Some stamping on the chiffon was used to create pattern. The quilt was hand stitched in irregular lines to indicate the layers of mist that float through the landscape. Five fabric leaves have been caught under chiffon to represent all the fallen foliage of the season

It makes me so cool to think of these mists because I know the temperatures will drop as the season progresses.

19 March 2013

This week on Textile Tidings

I know lots of people don't use Facebook. I don't want you to miss out on the fun stuff I post there, so here are a few of the recent links from my Textile Tidings FB page.

Want to monoprint layers with a Gelli Printing Plate? This video shows how.

Interview with and fantastic photos of Nicole Burton.

Feast on these photos of Nancy Eha's stunning beaded textile art. 

Dark Portals: Sera Waters exhibition - on now until 20 April 2013 in Perth, WA. 

Textile Stories - interesting blog to peruse. 

15- 24 March - Geltwood Festival, SA. Check out the website for details of an exhibition of Michele Hill's fantastic quilts and lots of great workshops. 

Check out Kay Khan's website. There are some stunning textile works, of which she says: "My work is a mosaic of fragments, collected experiences, information, and images." 

Visual felted treats from Canada. 

World Quilt Competition. Entries close 20 May 2013. Details for Australian entrants here. 

There are more links on my Textile Tidings FB page - you are very welcome to hop over there and like it!

Did you enjoy this post? I invite you to comment - let's talk!

17 March 2013


It happens often that I lose my way. Sometimes I veer along different paths, interested to follow snippets of information that appeal. Other times, I stay focused for a long time before falling hard into another diversion.

It's all good, though. Trying to be more open to experiences and opportunities is challenging, don't you think?

Photo: tree begonia in my garden.  

10 March 2013

Sunday sewing

If, and only if, I finish my writing task for the day, I will continue sewing one of my current quilt projects. Good incentive!

05 March 2013

Another Facebook page

I love using the internet! There's so much interesting information out there and it's fun to share it (that's the librarian in me talking).

Even though I am no longer editor of Down Under Textiles magazine (I resigned a few weeks ago), I'm just as in love with textiles as ever before.

So... I've started another Facebook page. This one's called Textile Tidings, where I'll share information about fabulous textile events and tutorials.

I do hope you'll join me!

04 March 2013

Fabric snobbery?

So. I went to a fabric shop on Saturday and asked for three metres of white homespun fabric. The assistant looked at me, frowned, and said: you're not going to put that into a quilt, are you?

She could have said: are you making a quilt? I can show you some other lovely fabric that you may not have seen.

That way, she would have created an opportunity to sell me something more expensive but she didn't. She assumed she knew what I was going to do with it and didn't approve.

How odd. What's with fabric snobbery?