24 March 2013


I am longing for cooler autumn weather to arrive. Today's temperature is over 30 degrees again and it's just so wearing.

I made this small textile piece, Mountain Mists, a couple of years ago after thinking of mists in the wonderful private gardens of the NSW Blue Mountains during the autumn months. These mists dilute the light and wrap a soft cloak of moisture around the trees and their fallen leaves.

Mountain Mists was made from torn strips of chiffon to depict theses mists. Three shades were used and were interwoven with other textiles to create shadows. Some stamping on the chiffon was used to create pattern. The quilt was hand stitched in irregular lines to indicate the layers of mist that float through the landscape. Five fabric leaves have been caught under chiffon to represent all the fallen foliage of the season

It makes me so cool to think of these mists because I know the temperatures will drop as the season progresses.

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