04 March 2013

Fabric snobbery?

So. I went to a fabric shop on Saturday and asked for three metres of white homespun fabric. The assistant looked at me, frowned, and said: you're not going to put that into a quilt, are you?

She could have said: are you making a quilt? I can show you some other lovely fabric that you may not have seen.

That way, she would have created an opportunity to sell me something more expensive but she didn't. She assumed she knew what I was going to do with it and didn't approve.

How odd. What's with fabric snobbery?


  1. And just what business is it of hers?

  2. Anonymous12:53 pm

    LOL. Yeah. Get that all the time. Sick to death with quilt people looking down their noses at my choices. xx

  3. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Snobbery started before there were even dedicated quit shops around ... and one of my students was reduced to tears when she wanted to buy everything on the class list (we were in a country town) and the lady convinced her that she wouldn't need half the stuff for ages. I made sure she didn't have to go back to that shop for the remainder of her supplies. (I also wrote to the owner and the lady in question was never seen in the store again. So be warned,, never cross a country quilt teacher!)

  4. And that's why I like to shop at Spotlight because they don't care what you are going to do with whatever you buy!!!

  5. That's just plain rude.

  6. That's just plain rude.


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