19 March 2013

This week on Textile Tidings

I know lots of people don't use Facebook. I don't want you to miss out on the fun stuff I post there, so here are a few of the recent links from my Textile Tidings FB page.

Want to monoprint layers with a Gelli Printing Plate? This video shows how.

Interview with and fantastic photos of Nicole Burton.

Feast on these photos of Nancy Eha's stunning beaded textile art. 

Dark Portals: Sera Waters exhibition - on now until 20 April 2013 in Perth, WA. 

Textile Stories - interesting blog to peruse. 

15- 24 March - Geltwood Festival, SA. Check out the website for details of an exhibition of Michele Hill's fantastic quilts and lots of great workshops. 

Check out Kay Khan's website. There are some stunning textile works, of which she says: "My work is a mosaic of fragments, collected experiences, information, and images." 

Visual felted treats from Canada. 

World Quilt Competition. Entries close 20 May 2013. Details for Australian entrants here. 

There are more links on my Textile Tidings FB page - you are very welcome to hop over there and like it!

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