19 April 2013

Footy season

For six months of the year, my mood is often influenced by how well my footy team performs. I want to show you, in visual form, what I mean.

I made this small quilt a couple of years ago to illustrate a year in my life. The blue strips indicate the portion of the year when there is no football, while the red and white strips represent the footy season.

My team, the Sydney Swans, have performed quite well in recent years, but during each game emotions soar and slump as we go along on this roller coaster ride as supporters. The zigzag quilting represents these feelings.

As I prepare my warm clothes for tonight's game, which is meant to be played in gale-force winds with rain, I've been thinking about these peaks and troughs. They reflect life so well. 

We all experience highs and lows, don't we? By keeping a broad perspective, instead of dwelling on the extremes, we become resilient. As does my team.   

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