20 April 2013

Pyramids from the stash

One-patch quilts are always fun to make. With only a single shape to use, you can focus on finding many different fabrics to add to the design. I made Pyramids from the Stash in an attempt to use up blue fabrics from my collection. A quilt was the result, but the pile of blue fabrics was no smaller!

You can have fun arranging the colours to form colourwash patterns or use random placement of the pieces. I chose mostly blue fabrics and arranged the light and dark ones alternately.

I had planned to post pattern instructions for my quilt here, but came across a wonderful blog post by Marina & Daryl Lynn on their Quilt Inspiration blog, with links to 12 free Thousand Pyramid patterns.

So, if you're inspired to make a one-patch quilt with triangles, look at the Quilt Inspiration post here.

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