15 May 2013

Discovering pretties

Several years ago, I had an urge to make a pretty quilt. I wanted to include soft colours and lots of muted floral fabrics. Since these weren't the sort of fabrics I normally purchased, I remember that I started to collect small pieces that I thought would be useful.

I cut them in strips and sewed them together to make a quilt top. Simple and, yes, pretty.

Today, I took this top out of my cupboard and into the light and fell in love all over again. It needs to be a few rows bigger, so that's a task I've added to my sewing list.

To rediscover that different styles and prints make me feel happy is very satisfying. That's why I make quilts - to fall in love. Why do you make quilts?


  1. This could be a low volume quilt?!

  2. So sweet & pretty, and yes definitely what I would call a "low volume" quilt...Linda @ kokaquilts


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