08 May 2013

Hand quilted with love

So, my friend Sarah Fielke said to me: would you like to write a post about my new book for my blog hop? OK, I said. Write whatever you like, Sarah said. Trusting, isn't she?

You may remember seeing some of my pictures before on Sarah's blog. Yes, she gave me her password and said: go for it. She was very busy doing other things at the time so she probably forgot to go and check what I did.

What was she doing? She was sewing:

to make:

writing lots of words:

to go into a new book!
So, while I was amusing myself drawing stick people, she wrote ANOTHER book. That would be this one:

It is a beauty. Hardcover, lovely paper, gorgeous photography, clear instructions, helpful diagrams and lots of information about how to construct quilts.

Oh yes, and 16 beautiful projects!

I thought: ooh, I'm going to make this quilt
(Ups and Downs - page 30).
Then I remembered that Sarah makes ENORMOUS quilts and I don't. (How she does it, I don't know.
She's obviously a better quilt wrangler than I am.)

I checked for pretty fabrics in my stash (ooh look! there are a lot of blue fabrics here - better use them up) and decided to make a square quilt with three zigzags instead of five.

Looking at my quilt makes me happy and so does Sarah's book. Surely that's all you can ask of a quilt book, isn't it? 

If you don't have a copy of Hand Quilted with Love, you can buy it here:

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  1. The quilting looks fantastic Erica I love it!

  2. OOOOhhhhh!!! That's gorgeous!!

  3. I love the colours and fabrics you have chosen here, very nice!

  4. This book looks great and I love that ups and downs!!

  5. Anonymous1:28 am

    Where can I get a pattern for thus quilt?

  6. It's in the book mentioned in my post.


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