29 May 2013

On Textile Tidings

This week's highlights from my Textile Tidings Facebook page.

 **    31 May, 1 and 2 June: Epping Weavers Embroiderers and Spinners (EWES) 25th Annual Craft Show, Epping NSW.

**   6-14 July: Stitched Up Textile Festival, Wangaratta, Vic.

**   Fabulous quilt art by Barbara Olson.

**   Lisa Walton shows simple steps to use stencils and colour to create one-off patterns on fabric.
**   Want to learn how to weave? Here's a correspondence course by Ursula Stehle of BB Yarn Supply in Queensland. 

**   Interview with Chieko Aihara about a nearly lost textile tradition called sprang.

**   Thanks to Maggie Grey for this tutorial about using gesso and texture gels to make a spiral book. 

**   Call for entries: Tasmanian Art Quilt Prize 2013. Entries close 26 July 2013.

**   Mixed media pieces by Ehren Elizabeth Reed.

**   Delicate woollen webs by Jude Skeers on the Great Balls of Wool blog.

Visit my Textile Tidings Facebook page to see links to more events, tutorials and other great stuff. 

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