27 May 2013

Reflections on: being grateful

Recent events have left me feeling a little low and, when I had to pay some large bills this morning, I started to feel sorry for myself. Money features largely in most people's lives. It makes our lives comfortable.

So, I made a conscious decision to be grateful. Why do I have these bills to pay? It's because I live in a place where there is readily-available and reliable water, electricity and gas, all provided directly to my home. It's because I own a car and can afford to have it registered, serviced and filled with petrol. It's because I am employed in a job I enjoy and am paid a fair salary for doing it. 

I am grateful for all these things. Once I started looking around me, I lost count of other things for which I am grateful. The sun is shining today. My washing is drying on the clothesline in the sun. I am cooking a delicious lunch (capsicum and tomato stuffed with couscous and baked plus salmon). I have warmth at night and a safe place to live. I have friends and family. And my footy team won on the weekend.

Too many positives to count, really.

Now I feel suffused with contentment. My life is good and I am grateful for it.

What things make you feel grateful?


  1. Anonymous4:56 pm

    I am grateful for blogs that remind me to take the time to be grateful for all I have and not whine about what I don't have. Thank You

  2. Over the past few months I've come to really see how much I'm accepted and valued, and I am very grateful to family and friends for that.


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