16 June 2013

All talked out

Wow - what a week of catching up with quilting friends! There may also have been a little shopping. I just can't go to the Sydney Quilt Show without buying something.

If you haven't yet seen the winning quilts, hop over to the photos here. You will find great inspiration, I promise.

Today, though, I visited Australian Quilt Market, a trade show for new fabrics and products in the quilt world, with Kate and Munaiba.

It was held at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, right on Sydney Harbour. I confess I am always overcome by the beauty of our harbour every time I see it. I'm a Sydneysider, born and bred. Love it!

No photos of the fabrics here, but I fell instantly for Collage by Carrie Bloomston. Must. Have. This. Fabric. You can see pics here, but they truly don't show how fabulous the prints are in real life. Drool.

I can show you, though, some of the ways Aurifil threads are packaged. I wanted to immediately snaffle sets of these colours for myself, but I think Jenny Scott would have missed them. My fave? Seascape, of course - beautiful blues.

Now I need some time alone, to process all that I've seen and all the conversations I've had this week. Thanks to everyone who chatted to me - it was lovely to catch up with you all.

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  1. Hi Erica,
    You often mention your love of blue. I have recently returned from Central Asia and have just posted (a lot of) photos of blue tiles which I think you'll find interesting. You can see them at dustkeepsthefurniturewarm.blogspot.com.au
    Regards, Sue


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