07 July 2013

My life as a groupie - day 1

Finally, I met Gwen. Isn't she lovely? I don't look overly besotted, do I?

Today's workshop was based on her book 37 Sketches, which contains photos of 37 small quilts that demonstrate how she plays with colour and line. They are practice pieces, with which she works through her ideas.

Gwen has now made many more of these small quilts. She showed us each of them and explained what she experimented with and how she achieved different shapes. She also has a book of stitched sample units. It was great to be able to examine these closely (front and back) to see how they were constructed.

Then Gwen domonstrated how to cut and construct each type of unit. What a lovely Featherweight machine! (Not Gwen's, but she said she uses one just like it in her studio.)

So we cut and sewed all day, except when we stopped for delicious cake for morning tea and homemade soup for lunch. Thanks to Jan and Chris at Cottage Quiltworks for their fabulous hospitality. It was quite special.

So, this is what I made today - my original design. It's only a quilt top at this stage and I am looking forward to some fun hand quilting later.

Tomorrow, I will return for another workshop with Gwen. This time: liberated medallion quilts. Too exciting!


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