09 July 2013

My life as a groupie - day 2

Yesterday, I continued my education with Gwen's Liberated Medallions workshop, based on this book. So much fun.

It's a fab book that I've had since it came out last year. Great photos and lots of tips for making liberated units. Recognise this quilt? Yep, it's the cover quilt in real life, along with its maker!

The book contains plenty of examples of medallion quilts, which are quilts with a centre area of interest (pieced, appliqued, wholecloth or even embroidered) surrounded by a series of borders. We were treated to plenty of Gwen's quilts so we could see the variety of styles but I'll keep those photos to myself!

It was great to have a few friends as classmates. Here you can see Rachael, Chris Jurd and Stephanie Knudsen with Gwen and me. (That quilt in the background is by Sarah Fielke. It's a beauty from her current book.)

This is what I made in class. I don't know if it is finished yet - I have to listen to it for a while longer to see if it wants more borders. We shall see...


  1. Erica, your class looks a riot! Your quilt looks very extroverted and forthright, and I anticipate it will have very definite opinions as to how you should proceed. I love it when a quilt tells me what to do next :-)

  2. Wasn't it a great couple of days!! I love your Medallion piece. I'll look forward to seeing if you decide to take it further.

  3. Yes it was a fun day. So liberating but not wonky!!

  4. Love this piece Erica, just as it is. It is WOW!

  5. I'm sure I saw your Happy Smile last night (in North Sydney) Now I know why you looked so familiar. I'd jumped over from Rachael's. Your class work is great. Looking forward to having a go myself. Gwen is contagious.


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