12 July 2013

My life as a groupie - day 3

Last night was my last Gwen excursion, as I travelled to North Sydney to see and hear Gwen present her lecture Abstract Quilts in Colour. I took the most appalling photos, so you'll just have to take my word for it that it was a fab night.

The talk was based on this book and we were privileged to see many of the quilts in real life. I went home, dreaming of how I could use the drawer full of solid fabrics in my sewing room.

So ends my up-close-and-personal groupie experience. Now, I'll revert to long-distance admiration of Gwen's work that I have had for several decades.

Bringing Gwen to Australia has been along time coming. Back in 2011, I noticed on Gwen's website that she would be visiting New Zealand in 2013 for the Taupo Symposium. My first thought was to tell my friend and fellow Gwen admirer Sarah Fielke that we would have to fly to NZ for the event. We started talking about it and then the idea came up: why not ask if she would visit Australia on the way to NZ?

So Sarah put pen to paper and sent Gwen a letter. Some weeks later, I had a short message from Sarah: Gwen says YES!

Since then, Sarah worked very hard to organise Gwen's visit. She liaised with the Symposium organisers, Gwen, and shops in three states to firm-up workshops and talks. Finally, after much to-ing and fro-ing it happened.

So thank you to Sarah for all your hard work. You made one of my dreams - to meet and learn from Gwen Marston - come true.


  1. I was sorry to miss the talk, I can just imagine how inspiring it was. A huge thanks to all of you who helped bring Gwen to Australia!!!

  2. Thanks to you for organising Gwen, I really enjoyed my class with her in Toowoomba, really inspirational.

  3. I'm so glad you enjoyed your class Jane but I can't take the credit for organising her visit. I am just lucky I have friends who can do things like that!


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