02 July 2013

Textiles Tuesday

You lovely regular readers will know that I have a Facebook page called Textile Tidings, where I post links to interesting textile-related events, tutorials and works by fibre artists.

I've decided that every Tuesday on this blog will now be dedicated to textiles. I may share some of the links from Textile Tidings, or I may highlight some fascinating tidbit I've discovered in the past week. Either way, there will be something of interest to textile lovers on Textiles Tuesday, so please join me.

This week, I'll share some links with you. Please go and explore!

*   Plenty of great textile activities at CrossXpollinatioN in Colac VIC starting 6 July.
*   Ideas for using gorgeous sari ribbon by Dale Rollerson.

*   Stunning textile work by Susan Lenz

6 July-6 August: Decadence exhibition by Red Shoe Tourists at Sackville & Lane, 35 Reid Street, Wangaratta VIC.

*   You may never have seen macrame like this before. By Ester Chacon Avila.

* From the V&A Museum in London: this fascinating article about X-radiography as a tool to examine the making and remaking of historic quilts by Joanne Hackett. Recommended reading!


  1. Thanks for the link to the V&A article. Fascinating.
    What are you doing awake at 2am!

  2. Thanks Erica - we seem to have been visiting similar websites lately! I LOVE Susan Lenz's work - just gorgeous.

  3. Anonymous10:50 pm

    So glad you are doing these informative links here on your blog. I do facebook but I do not link to things or groups --- I keep facebook for friends.. and this plan is a great way for me to share in your info ---- thank you!


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