23 July 2013

Textiles Tuesday

This week, I'll share a couple of interesting textiles books from my bookshelves. They aren't new, but you may find them useful, as I have.

The Painted Quilt (2007) has great credentials - it's written by Linda and Laura Kemshall. It brings together myriad techniques that can be used to add colour to quilts above and beyond the fabric colour.

All the usual methods are included: paints, pens, pastels, dyes, image transfer etc. These were known to me, but what impressed were the glorious examples of how the authors have used the techniques in their work. The photographs are wonderful and the how-to instructions are clear. If you want to learn more from the Kemshalls, treat yourself to a subscription to their Design Matters TV

Ooh, this book is scrumptious! Silk paper for textile artists (2008) by the late Sarah Lawrence is a very useful addition to my library. I've already incorporated my handmade silk paper in ATCs and a few journal quilts, but this book has opened my eyes to new ways to embellish it.
There is a very informative chapter about working with silk, where the different types of raw silk are explained and instructions are given for dyeing the fibre. Then there are four chapters on methods - the iron method, the medium method, the stitched method and weaving and overdyeing rods.
The book includes lots to absorb and interesting ideas for future playing. In the meantime, if you want to start making your own silk paper, I invite you to read my tutorial.

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