09 July 2013

Textiles Tuesday

Today, I'm interested in linen. You know, that fabric with fabulous texture, which is made from plants and totally holds all those creases. Ever wondered where the term 'rumpled' came from? I'm sure it must relate to a softly creased linen suit after a day's wear!

I've only made one quilt using linen. That's my On the Edge quilt that you can see here. I used cotton selvedges and a cotton fabric for the border, and sand-coloured linen for the background. It was wonderful to hand stitch through the linen background so I can understand why it's so popular for cross-stitch and embroidery.

Here are a few basic facts about linen:
  • it is made from the stems of flax plants (botanical name: linum usitatissimum)
  • fragments of flax strings have been found in middle Europe in remains dated about 8000 years BC
  • woven linen has been in use since Ancient Egyptian times for clothing, sail cloth and furnishings
  • linen absorbs moisture, launders well and is comfortable to wear.

There is plenty of information about the history of linen on the web, but here are a few interesting links:
What have you made with linen? Let us know in the comments - you are welcome to leave a link if you have a picture on your own blog.

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