31 August 2013


Innocent little lettuce, growing in my garden.

You know I'm going to eat you for lunch today, right?

27 August 2013

Textiles Tuesday

This weeks' interesting links:

* Check out the SAQA Oceania Collection blog hop. Fabulous quilts!

* Announced: Felt at the Winter School, 3 - 7 July 2014, Ballarat, VIC.

* Have fun with the V&A Museum's patchwork pattern maker. Upload any image and convert it instantly into your own, personalised quilt pattern.

 * Ballarat Patchwork is having a closing down sale.

* Another new FREE online magazine for creatives - Made In Magazine. I love the design of these pages!

24 August 2013

Ruth Stoneley, 1940-2007

I was pleased to also view a collection of Ruth Stoneley's quilts in Brisbane last Saturday. Long an admirer of her work, I appreciated the opportunity to see many of her pieces displayed together.

The quilt featured on the exhibition catalogue (above) is Mystery, made in 1984.

Ruth was an influential Australian quilt maker, especially in Brisbane where she taught and opened her store, Patchwork Supplies, in 1983. 

She made several pieces that resonated with me, especially It's not all sweetness and light in 1983. I remember seeing it a couple of years after that and being captivated (photo of the quilt is here). Thirty years later, it is still a quilt that I adore.

 The exhibition at Queensland Art Gallery closes 7 October. More information here.

20 August 2013

Textiles Tuesday

Some of the interesting information I've discovered this week:

* For the diary:
* Fabulous textile art by Alvena Hall.

On until 25 August: 100: Celebrating Canberra — tACTile, Canberra ACT.

* Also on until 25 August: Men @ Work 2013, Men! and what they can do. Exhibition at Craft NSW, The Rocks, NSW.

* Made In: another new FREE online magazine for creatives. I love the design of these pages! 

* Advance notice:

What's going on around your area?

19 August 2013

Quilts 1700-1945

When I visited the Festival of Quilts in England in 2009, I was excited to pick up promotional material for a huge quilt exhibition the V&A Museum was going to hold. Sadly for me, it wouldn't start until 2010. Two trips to England in consecutive years was just not possible for me. I made the best of it and bought the accompanying book instead.

You can imagine how excited Australian quilters were when we discovered that a small collection of these quilts would be on display here in 2013.

Last Saturday, I travelled to Brisbane to the Queensland Art Gallery with a friend to see the Quilts 1700-1945 exhibition. Oh my.

The exhibition didn't have a huge number of quilts and I had seen photos of most of them, but it was so informative being able to get close to them. So much detail that isn't clear in photos was wonderfully 'alive'. It was so rewarding to see them in real life.

These are my photos of the banners outside the gallery. Wonderful.

The exhibition closes on 22 September. If you can't get there, treat yourself to the accompanying book (currently out of print, but being reprinted) and watch the videos that complement some of the quilts in the exhibition. I feel so enriched for having seen these amazing textiles that are full of history. 

13 August 2013

Textiles Tuesday

This week's news!

* Berry Quilting Retreat, Berry NSW. 

* On until 25 August: 100: Celebrating Canberra — tACTile Exhibition, Canberra ACT.

* The wonderful lace of Vicki Taylor. 

* Fabulous felted work by Lisa Klakulak. 

* SAQA Benefit Auction.

 * Photos of the prize-winning quilts at last week's Canberra Quilters Exhibition.

* Practise your colour skills with this free Blendoku app.

* Do you have a fave Jelly Roll but don't know what pattern to use? Here's an option. Free pattern by Liesl Gibson. 

10 August 2013

National bookshop day

It's today! Visit your local bookshop to discover a whole world of stories and people who love them.

See which bookshops are Australia's favourites here.

08 August 2013

My name tag

Here's my name tag! I kept it simple, using a piece of cloth I screen printed the other week. I fed the fabric through my computer printer to produce my name from a word processing program.

The black-and-white spotted fabric is just a background, not part of the tag. I may make a different name tag as well; something with hand stitching appeals.

 Have you made your name tag yet?

06 August 2013

Textiles Tuesday

This week's interesting links:

* This month's fabric downloads for Electric Quilt are purples. Yum!

* Interview with Erin Endicott about her contemporary embroidery.

* Stunning hand knotted textiles by Janet Echelman.

* 1 August – 1 September: Australia Wide Three art quilts at Wanneroo Library and Cultural Centre Gallery, Perth WA.

* Here's one for all you Miss Phryne Fisher lovers! 7 September - 27 October: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition at Rippon Lea House in Melbourne VIC. Includes costumes from Series 1 and 2.

 * A world of wonder! The Museum of Scientifically Accurate Fabric Brain Art. 

* Taronga Wild! Rhinos project has 75 life-size blank rhino sculptures to be creatively enhanced to make a world-class sculpture trail across Sydney and Dubbo, NSW. Designs can be from fine art to graffiti, new media to mosaic, embroidery to metalwork. Entries close 23 August.

Is there anything interesting in the textile world you'd like to share? Email me!

05 August 2013

03 August 2013

Name tags

A couple of weeks ago, I posted that I wanted to make a name tag to wear at craft-related events. I haven't made mine yet, but some lovely readers have sent photos of their name tags to inspire us all.

Kathy Hawkins

Bernardine Hine 
 (Bernardine showed me two)

Helen Stewart

Lorraine Hartley

They are all so different and each one has its own charm. Thank you for allowing me to share your photos.

Have these given you any ideas for your own creative name tags? Maybe you'd like to send me a photo, too? I'll be making mine next week, so don't forget to check back soon.