19 August 2013

Quilts 1700-1945

When I visited the Festival of Quilts in England in 2009, I was excited to pick up promotional material for a huge quilt exhibition the V&A Museum was going to hold. Sadly for me, it wouldn't start until 2010. Two trips to England in consecutive years was just not possible for me. I made the best of it and bought the accompanying book instead.

You can imagine how excited Australian quilters were when we discovered that a small collection of these quilts would be on display here in 2013.

Last Saturday, I travelled to Brisbane to the Queensland Art Gallery with a friend to see the Quilts 1700-1945 exhibition. Oh my.

The exhibition didn't have a huge number of quilts and I had seen photos of most of them, but it was so informative being able to get close to them. So much detail that isn't clear in photos was wonderfully 'alive'. It was so rewarding to see them in real life.

These are my photos of the banners outside the gallery. Wonderful.

The exhibition closes on 22 September. If you can't get there, treat yourself to the accompanying book (currently out of print, but being reprinted) and watch the videos that complement some of the quilts in the exhibition. I feel so enriched for having seen these amazing textiles that are full of history. 


  1. Love that book and picked my copy up from Patchwork on Pittwater in Mona Vale Sydney. They had a few copies in stock.

  2. We're going this weekend!! Isn't it wonderful that the exhibition has been brought to Australia.


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