24 August 2013

Ruth Stoneley, 1940-2007

I was pleased to also view a collection of Ruth Stoneley's quilts in Brisbane last Saturday. Long an admirer of her work, I appreciated the opportunity to see many of her pieces displayed together.

The quilt featured on the exhibition catalogue (above) is Mystery, made in 1984.

Ruth was an influential Australian quilt maker, especially in Brisbane where she taught and opened her store, Patchwork Supplies, in 1983. 

She made several pieces that resonated with me, especially It's not all sweetness and light in 1983. I remember seeing it a couple of years after that and being captivated (photo of the quilt is here). Thirty years later, it is still a quilt that I adore.

 The exhibition at Queensland Art Gallery closes 7 October. More information here.

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  1. In brisvegas at the moment and saw it all yesterday.
    Wasn't it fabulous and Ruth was way ahead of her time!


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